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Płyn hamulcowey HBF 4 0.5L
HBF-4 SYNTETYCZNY PŁYN HAMULCOWY Jest zalecany do tych układów hamulcowych ...
Cena: 15.68 złkup teraz
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TOTAL Quartz Racing 10W60 1L

TOTAL Quartz Racing 10W60 1L motul oleje
pojemność: 1 l
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Quartz Racing 10W60 Quartz Racing 10W60 is particularly suited for turbocharged and multi-valve engines. It has been developed to cover the most stringent requirements for both gasoline and diesel engines when used for sport or severe driving conditions in any type of climate. It is perfectly adapted to all vehicles equipped with catalysts that use unleaded fuel or LPG. Visit for current Material Safety Data Sheets and Product Data Sheets. QUARTZ RACING 10W60 BENEFITS APPROVALS AND SPECIFICATIONS AVAILABLE SIZES Exceptional anti-wear protection, especially in the most severe conditions Lubricates engine faster to reduce wear and preserve engine power Maintains exceptional protection at high temperatures Keeps the engine’s most sensitive parts clean due to advanced detergent and dispersive additives. API SJ Suitable for BMW “M” Series 1-quart bottles (18 bottles/case)